Kate Nash interview, 2nd June 2007

7 Sep

She’s on a UK tour, she’s done Jools Holland (the show, not the man) and is going to do Glastonbury. She’ll slap you if you mention the words Lily and Allen but quite likes Patti Smith. And Peter Andre.

Hello Kate. How’s the tour going?

Really well. Liverpool was really good, we’ve had great crowds.

No disasters?

No, well, sort of. Hangover disasters. A couple but nothing too bad.

You’re playing Glasto – are you nervous?

Really excited but so nervous. It is nerve wracking – you’ve just got to try and get past the nerves and perform well.

Any collaborations planned?

If it happens, I’m up for it.

Who do you want then? Any requests?

Patti Smith, please!

Are you camping?

Yes! I want to camp and hang out with everyone.

So if Kate Moss said you could stay in her nearby mansion and share the helicopter ride each day, would you do it?

Oh God, no, I don’t think so…

Are you disappointed that you haven’t had any Tweedy/Lily style showbiz spats yet?

No, I can’t be bothered. I just get worked up and it’s a waste of time – I have opinions on people but I don’t want to attract gossip, it would ruin my life! I’ll just have spats in restaurants when the food isn’t right and say “what the fuck!” – that’ll keep me going.

How’s the first album going?

It’s going well, but it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done – trying to understand sounds and working with producers is weird. You just think about so many different angles, but you still want the integrity and everything to be right. 

You’re from Harrow, North London. You’re the most famous thing to come from there since Sabrina – the dancer from Misteeq, true or false?

That’s amazing! Is she from Harrrow? That’s so cool! It’s false, though – did you know Peter Andre is from Harrow!

No. How do you know?

Er, I think I liked him when I was, like, eleven!

Harrow doesn’t have a vibrant music scene, just a Primark and a rubbish nightclub called Time if we remember correctly. And a goth student pub called Trinity. We went there once.

I played my first gig in Trinity! It’s changed! There’s a lot of good bands playing there now. I think it’s really good, there’s more interesting music around now. I think it’s important for your local area to have a decent music scene.

You’ve just done a gig in Exeter – so, in celebration of the city, please rate these Devon bands out of 10, please…


Live, God, I’d say 10!


I dunno, Parachutes was such a good album but then I went off them. I’ll give them 5.



They had a song called Place Your Hands? The singer looked like a baboon and grunted a lot – it has a bit which goes ooohh, ahhuhhh, ahu, aha, ooooooh?

Nope, never head of them – I’m sorry! Actually, can I give Coldplay an extra point because I’m thinking about how good Parachutes is.


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